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Microsoft Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

There are a number of quick ways to navigate Windows 95 using only the keyboard. Here is a list of some:

Bring up the 'Start' menu  ctrl + esc
Switch between applications alt + tab or backspace
Switch backwards between applications alt + tab + shift or backspace
Switch open windows alt + esc
Close a selected folder and all of its parent folders shift + click
Opening folders while closing previous ones ctrl + double-click
Delete an item without placing it in the Recycle Bin shift + delete
Quit a program or exit windows 95 alt + F4
Help or dialog box F1
Rename a selected item F2
Start 'Find' F3
Open the Open and Save As box F4
Refresh F5
View the Context menu for a selected item shift + F10
View properties for a selected item alt + enter or alt + double-click
Move forward through tabs in Properties boxes ctrl + tab
Move backward through tabs in properties boxes ctrl + shift + tab
Create a copy while dragging a file ctrl
Create a shortcut while dragging a file ctrl + shift
Select all ctrl + a
Cut selection or item ctrl + x or shift + delete
Copy selection or item ctrl + c
Paste ctrl  + v or shift + delete
Undo ctrl + z
Go to ctrl + g
Go to beggining of document ctrl + home
Go to end of document ctrl + end

Hold down the  Windows key and press:
E to open Windows Explorer
R to open the Run dialog box
F to open the Find dialog box
M to minimize all open windows (Shift-Windows-M to undo minimize all)
Tab to cycle through the Taskbar buttons
Break to open the System Properties dialog box

Using Explorer
Press F4 to drop the "folder selection menu" in Explorer
Press F6 to switch between left and right panes
Press Num Lock + Asterisk (on numeric keypad) to expand all subfolders of the selected folder
Press Num Lock + Plus sign (on numeric keypad) to expand the selected folder
Press Num Lock + Minus sign (on numeric keypad) to collapse the selected folder
Press Right Arrow to expand current selection if ifs collapsed
Press Left Arrow to collapse current selection if its expanded

Opening Files With Different Programs
Hold down the shift key while right-clicking on the file in Explorer; the 'open with' dialog will appear, and you can choose an alternate program to open the file with.

Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0 Keyboard Guide
This document presents basic keyboard navigation for Microsoft® Windows® 95 and Microsoft Windows NT® 4.0. 

Available in two formats: 
 Word document, 64 KB
 Text file, 41 KB

Windows 98 Keyboard Guide
The Windows 98 Keyboard Guide covers shortcut keys throughout Windows, creating custom shortcut keys, and keyboard navigation in the Active Desktop, Help, and Internet Explorer.

Available in two formats: 
 Word document, 167 KB
 Text file, 60 KB

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