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Microsoft Paint Keyboard Shortcuts

Impress your friends with your intimate knowledge of Microsoft Paint! See also albinoblacksheep.com's MS paint tutorial, and paintmash.com's Paint discussion.

Alt-COpens the drop-down menu for Colors.
Alt-EOpens the drop-down menu for Edit.
Alt-FOpens the drop-down menu for File.
Alt-HOpens the drop-down menu for Help.
Alt-IOpens the drop-down menu for Image.
Alt-VOpens the drop-down menu for View.
Alt-F4Closes the drawing.
Alt-EscWindows command to switch between windows/opened programs.
Alt-SpacebarWindows command equivalent to right-clicking on the blue bar at the top of the window.
Ctrl-ASelects the entire canvas, useful before flipping, rotating, stretching, or skewing the entire canvas.
Ctrl-CCopies the selected area.
Ctrl-EBrings up the image attributes.
Ctrl-FShows a full-screen view of the image.
Ctrl-G(Only at 6x,8x, or 10x zoom) Shows a grid under the drawing; it is sized by pixels.
Ctrl-IThe fun one, inverts the colors.
Ctrl-LRemoves/Adds the "Color Box"(Color Pallette) at the bottom of the screen.
Ctrl-NOpens up a new canvas within the same screen.
*Will delete current drawing unless you save it.
Ctrl-OOpens up the "Open file..." screen.
Ctrl-PPrints the image.
Ctrl-RBrings up the "Flip/Rotate" tool.
Ctrl-SAutomatically saves your drawing under the name you have it saved as, if not, it will bring up the "Save file as..."
Ctrl-TRemoves/Adds the Main "Tool Box" on the left side.
Ctrl-VPastes whatever you have copied or pasted into the top left corner of the screen; if you are zoomed in it will be in the left corner of where you are zoomed in to.

*If the selected image being pasted is bigger than the canvas you have, it will automatically be re-sized to fit the image being pasted.
Ctrl-WBrings up the "Stretch/Skew" Tool.
Ctrl-XCuts the selected area, in other words copies the selected area, but takes it off the screen.
Ctrl-YRe-does whatever you undid or deleted. In case you feel it looks better that way or are trying to figure out things.
Ctrl-ZUndoes whatever you just drew with the last click and hold of your mouse. Undoes only up to 3 previous clicks in XP, slightly more in Vista.
Ctrl-PageDownZooms out to 1x from zoom.
Ctrl-PageUpZooms in to preset zoom.
Ctrl-Shift-NClears the entire canvas.
(Minus on num pad)
Makes any of the drawing tools(Including spraypaint) you are drawing with increasingly smaller, smaller than you can select normally.
(Plus on num pad)
Makes any of the drawing tools increasingly larger, infintely large.

When using "Color Select" tool -Selects that color as an auxillary color for use, not a primary or secondary

When using any of the drawing tools -Draws in the auxillary color
Holding Shift:
When using the "Line Tool" -Makes a straight line at 90 or 45 degree angles.
When using the "Ellipse Tool" -Makes a perfect circle.
When using the "Rectangle" -Makes a perfect square.
When using the "Rounded Rectangle" -Makes a perfect square with rounded edges.
F10Changes the cursor of Spraycan, Pencil, Crosshairs, etc.. to a normal pointer cursor until you click the mouse or push a key.
Print ScreenTakes a screenshot and is automatically copied. So after you take a screenshot, it is best to paste it somewhere, usually on a new canvas, before you copy anything else.