Torin Jacks Parts Washer: Big Red; 3.5 Gallon
Part Number: T10035
I bought this at Kragen Auto Parts for about $35 and it does the job. It's a little small and the pump has a little more pressure than I'd like - a diffuser would be nice to prevent splashing / spray (someday I may replace the on/off switch with a rheostat). Given more money and space I'd buy a bigger and deeper one that would allow me find engine cases and exhaust system parts in there and minimize the amount of solvent splashing out onto the counter and me.

You'll also have to buy solvent (obviously), cleaning tools (parts cleaning brush, wire brushes, paint brushes, stones, etc.) and some good heavy duty gloves that cover your forearms - it may take awhile but if you're washing alot of parts it's gonna start burning eventually. I also have a rolling wire rack for drying. All of this is available at OSH or your favorite local hardware store.