Fellow Racers
K² Racing
Precision Strike Racing
Team Coolrides

See my Tracks page.

Road Racing Organizations
afmracing.org - Official webpage for the AFM [List]
ama-cycle.org - American Motorcyclist Association
ccsracing.us - Championship Cup Series [Forum]
wsmcracing.com - Willow Springs Motorcycle Club

Racing Schools
California Superbike School - Keith Code's school
Doc. Wong - Delivering small tastes of CSS for free
STAR School - Brought to you by Jason Pridmore

Track Days
Bike Tweakers - Trackday Calendar.
Lance Keigwin
Pacific Track Time - Racer discount
Track Club - 3 groups & lunch included. AFM discount.
TrackDaz - Buttonwillow/WSIR track time.
Zoom Zoom Racing - AFM Discount.

Online Magazines
2WF - "Online and on the Gas"
Crash.net - Motosports news
Motorcycle Consumer News
Motorcycle News - "The UK's #1 Motorcycle Magazine"
Road Racing World

Road Rider - Lots of stuff, cheap tires. [Directions]
We All Ride - Road Rider Santa Cruz style. [Directions]

Aftershocks - Suspension experts. [Directions]
Lindemann - Suspension experts. [Directions]
Speedshop - The best shop around! [Directions]
Werkstatt - Motorcycle repair. [Directions]

Suspension Tutorials
See my Suspension page.

AFM Online Business Directory - A list of AFM owned businesses, businesses employing AFM folks, AFM friendly businesses, and AFM recommended businesses.

AFM Online Entry Tool - I can never remember this URL.

AMA District 36 (NorCal) [Schedule]
AMA District 37 (Socal)
CALVMX [Schedule] - Vintage w/ 30 min races
CCMX/STP - Santa Maria MX
CMA [Schedule]
CMC [Schedule]
CRC [Schedule]
Dirt Diggers
Moto West
Over The Hill Gang [Schedule]
Piru MX [Schedule]
Taft [Calendar]
VetX [Schedule]

Flat Track/TT:
AMA District 36 [Schedule] (NorCal)
Bakersfield Speedway
CMA [Schedule]
Taft Flat Track
VFT [Calendar]
WCFTS [Schedule]

STTARS - Socal/Arizona

ATA Trials
ITS Trials

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January 25, 2013