Track Toolbox

I'm always searching for the perfect track toolbox. If you have the space, the Craftsman 5-Drawer Project Center is hard to beat. However, I've wanted to pack much lighter recently and dirt racing and road racing have different requirements. Below is a list from most recent purchase to oldest of the toolboxes I've tried FWIW.

Craftsman 4-Drawer Portable Chest Craftsman 4-Drawer Metal Portable Chest #65427, Sears #00965427000
In Service: 2008 to Present [Layout] [Modifications]

The Smith & Harris below taught me that I don't like plastic toolboxes and that I like to keep my tools more organized. The extra drawer gets me enough space to bring the tools I want and a couple of spares if need be. For road racing I'll still have to bring a spares/chemicals tote but, that's okay.

Smith Harris Rolling Workshop Smith & Harris Rolling Workshop #93467
In Service: Late 2007

I picked this up at Sears on sale for $20 and it holds enough tools, spares and chemicals to get me through a weekend at the track. Amazon lists it as weighing 14 pounds empty but, it seems much lighter full than the toolbox below even though it holds alot more.

The main negatives are that it can't be locked and, as a tie down point for a canopy, using the top handle interferes with opening the toolbox and using the extension cord bracket makes it top heavy.

Craftsman 3-Drawer Portable Chest Craftsman 3-Drawer Metal Portable Chest #65337, Sears # 00965337000
In Service: Early 2007

Now that I'm leaving the enclosed trailer behind I'm packing much lighter so, I tried this guy out. It was smaller and heavier than I liked (17.5 lbs. empty). I also had to carry a separate tote for chemicals and spares. So, nice but, not perfect.

Craftsman Project Center, 4.3 KB Craftsman Professional 5-Drawer Project Center #65454, Sears #00965454000.
In Service: 2003 to 2006

This is the best toolbox I've ever brought to a track.

It held all my tools, spares, consumables, provided a good work-surface, large casters made it easy to move and, most importantly, inspired toolbox envy in the pits. Sadly, Craftsman doesn't make project centers this tall and sturdy anymore so, while it has been retired from track duty, I plan to keep it for a long, long time.

Stanley Rolling Toolbox, 6.5 KB Stanley Metal Mobile Job Chest with 23" toolbox from Costco.
In Service: 2002

It's tough and lockable but, it's annoying to have to remove the top toolbox to get into the lower compartment which is just a tub with a lift out tray. It did keep my tools safe on the back of the open trailer until I upgraded to an enclosed trailer and the toolbox above.

Craftsman Toolbag, 2.4 KB Assorted Tool Bags
I started with a soft tool bag because it wouldn't tear up the upholstery while sliding around in the back of the car. When my track tool collection got bigger I added bags until it got annoying.

Craftsman, among others, make many different sizes and styles of tool bags.


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May 15, 2017