This is for me to keep track of my racing expenses and to aid in my futile attempt to keep them under control through budgeting. I am also putting these up because alot of (new) racers are also very concerned about the associated costs with racing and these may give the viewer an idea of what it could cost.

2002[Expenses] - First year racing.
2003[Expenses] - The pain continues.
2004[Budget] - Wishful thinking
 [Expenses] - Frugal addict!
2005[Expenses] - Yehaw!
2006[Expenses] - More dirt & savin' for a big bike.
2007[Expenses] - 6 years of racing! Bought FZR
2008[Expenses] - MX closed, 6 road races
2009[Expenses] - Takin' a year off
2010[Expenses] - Dustin' off the cobwebs
2011[Expenses] - WSMC closed, Bought TTR
2012[Expenses] - Catalina GP, Bought WR
2013[Expenses]Bought Ducati

Labeling something a "Racing Expense" has been a little challenging for me. For example, I go to the gym primarily to be in better shape (and possibly a little lighter) for racing so, is that a racing expense? Where do I draw the line? I thought about drawing it at money spent on the race bike, entry fees and getting to/from the track but, then what about track days or goofing off on the dirt bike? I do that for racing too but, there's also such a thing as doin' it just for fun (if there's a difference...).

So, please keep in mind that these are just expenses that I thought were worth tracking at the time.

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May 15, 2017