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Planned Expenditures 2004 - 1st Draft
$2,247.00Bike Prep/Repair
$1,993.00Transport/Pit Equipment
$885.00AFM Dues/Fees
$875.92Riding Gear
$550.00CCS Dues/Fees
$6,550.92Total Expenditures

AFM Dues/Fees
A full season of 250p
$705.00Entry Fees (8 Races)
$100.00Annual Membership Fee
$80.00Gate Fees
$885.00Total AFM Fees

CCS Dues/Fees
I'm tentatively planning to just do the California races and possibly a Vegas race next year.
$350.00Entry Fees (5 Races)
$100.00Annual Membership Fee
$100.00Gate Fees
$550.00Total CCS Fees

Bike Setup/Repair
The bike is basically setup so, all I'll have to do is maintain it and repair it if I crash. I could never get it this cheap without Speedshop's continuing support.
Tires are my biggest single expense then - Hopefully, I'll be able to bring home some contingency to offset it somewhat.
$1,112.00Tires (4 sets)
$600.00Engine Parts/Maintenance
$150.00Oil/Oil Filters
$50.00Fork Straightening
$50.00New Chain
$50.00Spare Levers/Bars/Pegs
$30.00Number Plate Stickers
$20.00Custom Painting by Krylon & Me
$10.00Spark Plugs
$2,247.00Total Bike Expenditures

Riding Gear
Happpily I've got most of the gear I need so, I'll just have to buy consumeables. My boots probably aren't gonna last another full year and a spare helmet would be nice.
$225.00New Sidi's
$100.00Leather Repairs/Patches
$100.00Knee Sliders
$50.00Boot Repair
$25.00Toe Sliders
$14.00Breath Deflector
$875.92Total for Gear

Transport/Pit Gear
I'm pretty well stocked here too so, it'll mostly be operating expenses. I do want to get a smaller trailer for hauling when the f'ugly trailer is just too big and my cooler is almost dead form wear and tear.
Trailer storage is kind of a bummer considering it costs about what the trailer is worth annually but, I may end up moving anyway.
$1,000.00Gas for truck
$588.00Trailer Storage/Parking
$300.00Folding Trailer(35966-6VGA or 90154-2VGA)
$70.00New Cooler
$35.00Bridge Tolls
$1,993.00Total Transport/Pit Gear Expenditures

* This is assuming I have the same levels of sponsorship in 2004 as I had in 2003. Hopefully, I'll be able to make more tire contingency next year as well.

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October 19, 2006