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VNC Viewer ¹ Homepage
Rdesktop ¹ Windows Remote Desktop  
Xterm-Advanced ¹ Use jog pad to move cursor, half circle for esc, +/- for font size, screen button to toogle full screen mode, tab key is on virtual keyboard Homepage
Busybox (.deb) busybox with ipv6, iproute, netcat, ping, telnet, traceroute and wget. Install from xterm "dpkg -i " as root. Homepage
tnFTP (.deb) tnftp is a port of the NetBSD FTP command line client lukemftp. Reference
Dropbear client/Server To gain root access by sshing to itself as root. Default root password is "rootme" Homepage
Evince Document Viewer ¹ PDF Reader. Supports pdf, postscript, djvu, tiff and dvi. Homepage
FBReader e-book (FB2, plain text, html, rtf, chm, plucker) reader Free Books
Mplayer See also kmplayer and maemo wiki on converting videos for the N800. Homepage
Canola A free but closed source MP3 player with a very nice interface. Homepage
Camera From Nokia. Allows webcam to be used for taking still images. See Video Camera below.
Video Camera Video Camera application for N800. I haven't played with the video feature very much but, the video it records doens't play at all/well in any of the players on my N800.

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