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Nokia N800 Internet Tablet
I wanted something small to check my email on the go and maybe store some MP3's, videos, etc. Alot of products can do this but, after trying some out it became obvious that web browsers on most portables are terrible and barely do the job. This one features an 800 x 480 display and a real web browser which means that most webpages display almost normally. What sealed the deal was that it runs linux and that means this thing can actually do something!

Here's some comparison notes I took before I bought it in mid-2007: Wifi Capable Handheld Notes

I see that the N800 has been officially discontinued now that the N810 has been out for awhile. The good news is that the N800 are selling for nearly half price. The N810 has more features if you don't mind spending over twice as much (as of 5/15/08). BTW, I haven't updated teh applications since I purchased the N800. Sorry.

Operating System Maemo (Debian linux)
Browser Opera 8 w/ Flash 7, Javascript, plugins
Office Docs FBreader w/ Free Books, PDF (Use evince?)
Music Formats MP3, Real, WAV, WMA
Video Formats AVI, MPEG-4, etc. (Mplayer *)
Network Tools See Applications. Also nmap, rsync, ssh, USB Networking
Processor Ti OMAP2420, 330 MHz
Display 800 x 480, 4.10"
Connectivity 802.11b/g, Bluetooth 2.0, USB 2.0
Camera Yes
Memory Cards 2x SD Up to 2GB
Weight 7.27 oz.
Dimensions 5.70 x 2.95 x 0.500 in
Price $299.99, $220, $220, $250, $234 as of 5/15/08
Reviews CNet, DTrask, Slashdot, MobileBurn, Wikipedia, Tablet Talk Forum

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Bluetooth keyboard connection help for N800

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