If you are like me, you have probably been having some difficulty reliably entering text with daVinci script. In my explorations in the daVinci ROM (EZ2910.bin in the OSUpdate.exe file available on many daVinci sites) I think that I have uncovered the coding used to decipher the pen input into characters. If you look at 000703ba and 0007f78b, you will see lots of groupings of the four characters N, S, E and W. As you have probably immediately guessed, these represent compass directions. I believe, and my tests seem to verify, that all pen input is converted into a series of orthogonal movements which are then translated into the characters which match the compass direction sequences. The first table is the primary one and then there are tables of alternative ones. The number compass sequences start at 0007083d. By seeing what is trying to be matched for each character, I have been able to greatly improve the accuracy of my daVinci script input.

Below is a drawing of the motions required for the letters a-z. I will try to post more later.