daVinci FAQ

Q. What is a daVinci?
A. A daVinci is a PDA made by royal. It is like a close cousin to the palm pilot.
Q. Where is Royal's home page?
A. www.royal.com
Q. How does daVinci compare to other palm-size organizers?
A. daVinci stacks up quite well against its much more expensive competitors. 
   The sync software needs work.
Q. How much does daVinci cost?
A. daVinci's retail price is only $99.99. The daVinci Pro will be $149.
Q. Where is the daVinci Pro?
A. The daVinci Pro is not out yet. It's due out 3rd quarter 1999.
Q. What models are there?
A. There is a daVinci, 256k model (original); a daVinci2, 2meg model and the 
   daVinci Pro,which has 3 megs.
Q. What processor does daVinci use?
A. The daVinci uses the Motorola  MC68328 DragonBall Processor.
Q. Who really makes the daVinci?
A. Li Seng Technology Limited
Q. My daVinci synced for weeks and now it doesn't. Now what?
A. The flash memory has corrupted. You need to reset, then reformat the flash memory. 
   Reload the data from your PC.
Q. What about reoccurring scheduling?
A. The 256k unit doesn't support it. The 2meg version does.
Q. Will Palm software run on the daVinci?
A. No.
Q. Will Win CE software run on the daVinci?
A. No.
Q. My expense manager won't sync. Why?
A. There is a key missing in the registry. To fix this you need to edit the registry.
   If you don't know how to edit the registry you shouldn't attempt this!
        a. Click Start|run type in regedit Click ok
        b. Douible click on  HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\Nexus\Conduits
        c. Left click on conduits. 
        d. On the right side double click on Number of Conduits change it to 6. Click Ok.
        e. Double click on Conduit on the left.
        f. Right click on Conduit select New | Key Name it 5.
        g. Left click on the new entry to highlight it.
        h. Right click on the right side and select new | string value Name it Library.
        g. Right click on the right side and select new | string value Name it Sync Type.
        h. Double click on Library change the value to ExpenseConduit.dll
        i. Double click on Sync Type and change the value to 1
        j. Reboot. That will do it.
Q. What operating systems will the sync software work with?
A. Windows 95/98.
Q. Will the Sync software work with MAC, unix, linux and other OSes.
A. No.
Q. What forums are there?
A. www.pdabuzz.com, www.davinciworld.com, poet's Soapbox
Q. Will the sync software work with Windows NT?
A. No. Royals official stand is no. In the future they plan to. Some people have 
   said it will work with service pack 3 or higher.
Q. Who do I send email to at Royal about bugs/problems?
A. developers@royal.com
Q. How long will the batteries last?
A. If you use high output alkaline batteries with heavy usage about 2 weeks. 
   Moderate usage 3 weeks. Low usage a month or more.
Q. How do I get the most from my batteries?
A.Sync only when necessary Use the backlight sparingly. After 10 minutes of use 
  power off and let the batteries recover. .
Q. Is the daVinci fragile?
A. Yes. The touch screen is made of GLASS. Glass is fragile. If you drop it on the 
   glass, it will break. Royal will replace the screen for a reasonable price. It 
   is no more or less fragile then it's competition
Q. Can I use rechargeable batteries?
A. Yes.
Q. What happens when the batteries die?
A. All data is stored in flash memory. Replace the batteries. Tap yes to keep what's in flash memory.
Q. What features are part of daVinci's software?
A. daVinci has built in features including: a phone book, note pad, memo pad, to do 
   list, calendar planner, and calculator. Additionally, the 2meg version comes with 
   an expense manager.
Q. What's the benefit of the optional daVinci keyboard?
A. You can enter data faster then the with pen.
Q. How can I enter data into my daVinci from a portable keyboard?
A. An optional folding keyboard is available at an estimated selling price of $29.99
Q. Where can I purchase a daVinci?
A. On the web www.davinciworld.com
   Off the web Best Buy, Staples, Target, Circuit City, Office Max, The Wiz, 
   Babbages, Software Etc., The Good Guys, Micro Warehouse and Costco.
Q. Can I read large text files?
A. No. Not unless you break them up into 1k blocks and put them in memos.
Q. Can I load text files into memos?
A. Yes.
Q. How big can memos be?
A. 1k maximum.
Q. How do I get text into the memo from my pc?
A. Open the PIM. Select Memo tab. Click new. Copy and paste from a document. Save. 
Sync. Watch out for characters that the daVinci doesn't support!!!
Q. What software is available?
A. Go to http://www.geocities.com/Eureka/Concourse/6140/davinci.html or www.davinciworld.com
Q. How do I install software?
A. Run the PIM.  Click Tools | Install. Click browse and select the davinci application 
you want to install. (make sure its unzipped) The name of the application will appear in 
the install screen. On the daVinci, tap menu, smart sync, Ok.
Q. What do I do if I try to install software and nothing happens?
 A. a. Click Start|run type in regedit Click ok
    b. Double Click on HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\Nexus\Upload
    c. Click on Upload {Left side of regedit display} Press the delete key and answer YES you are sure. 
    d. Make sure the Upload key and ALL of sub-keys have been remove. {F5 is the Refresh key}
    e. Reboot. 
    The Install programs should work. (Roger.Lacroix)
Q. How do I adjust the contrast on the screen?
A. On the left side, up near the top is a wheel. Use this wheel to adjust the 
Q. How do I turn the backlight on/off?
A. Hold the power button down for 3 seconds.
Q. How do I get the pop up keyboard to display?
A. Hold the pen on the handwriting pad for 3 seconds.
Q. How do I stop the beeping?
A. Tap menu, preferences, sleep. Turn off the system beep here.
Q. How do I see how much battery power I have?
A. Tap menu, preferences, sleep. The power level is here.
Q. How do I see how much memory I have left?
A. Tap menu, preferences, memory.
Q. How do I remove an application?
A. Tap menu, preferences, memory. Tap application tab. Click in the checkbox. Answer yes. Tap ok
Q. How do I set the currencies in expense manager?
A. Tap menu. Tap expense manager. Tap Tools, options, select currencies. Tap the one you wish to change 
and scroll through the list.
Q. Can I synchronize the daVinci with my PC contact database?
A. CompanionLink for daVinci will enable synchronization with Outlook, ACT!, 
   Schedule+, Organizer, and GoldMine! You can transfer your calendar and contact 
   database to your daVinci with no importing or field mapping. CompanionLink by 
   WindowsLink is available at an estimated selling price of $39.95. In order to 
   purchase CompanionLink call 1-888-967-6925.
Q. What about attachments in Outlook?
A. CompanionLink and the PIM don't seem to like attachments. Especially in the TODO list. (Cyfan)
Q. How do I get the emulator to work?
A. You have to align the emulator just like the daVinci. Tap on the 2 X's that pop up
in the corners of the screen.
Q. What is the SDK?
A. Software Development Kit. A tool kit of C programming tools for the daVinci.
Q. What is the ASDK?
A. Another Software Development Kit. A tool kit of assembler programming tools for 
   the daVinci.
Q. Does the screen have much glare?
A. Yes. There is supposed to be a change in design in future models. You can use 
   anti-glare sheets.
Q. Can I add additional memory?
A. There is an upgrade of the 256k units available for $40 through daVinci World. 
   The other units are not upgradable.
Q. Will the expense manager work on the 256k unit?
A. No.
Q. Will the OS that comes with the 2 meg version work on the 256k unit?
A. No.
Q. What port should I use for the Sync software?
A. Use com 2. If you don't then you will need to apply a registry patch. You can 
   get this from http://www.geocities.com/Eureka/Concourse/6140/davinci.html
Q. I purchased a new daVinci. How do I get it to synchronize with my PC?
A. This is the golden question.  At this time the Smart Sync is only windows 95-98 
Read the instructions. CAREFULLY. 
   1. Install the PIM sofware.
   2. Attach the cable to com2. (It will not work with other com ports unless you 
        hack the registry)
   3. Configure port in PIM software. 
        During installation, the program sets COM 2 as the default communication port 
          for the SmartSync operation. 
        If a modem or another device is using COM 2 the assigned communication port 
           for SmartSync must be changed to an available communication port. 
   Follow these steps to change this setting: 
        From the menu bar select and click: SmartSync. 
        From the SmartSync pull down menu click: Connection. 
        Change the COM port setting for the connection of the PC docking cradle by clicking 
        the appropriate radio button. 
        Click: OK. 
        Download the registry patch from http://www.geocities.com/Eureka/Concourse/6140/davinci.html
   3. Plug the daVinci into the cradle.
   4. Tap Menu, Smart-sync, OK.
   5. Start Sync on PC if it's not on.
   If you don't see a little ball moving on the daVinci screen it's not working.
   If you receive port errors it's not working. Download the registry patch from 
   If you receive C++ errors it's not working. Don't know what to tell you.
Q. It still won't sync. Now what?
A. Try calling Royal tech assist. 908 429-4357
Q. The *@#&^$*) thing still won't sync. Now what?
A. Try talking to Companion Link tech assist. They are pretty knowlegable. 541-412-0300
A. You have to wait till Royal solves the problem. Sorry.
Q. How do I check for Communication Conflicts in windows 95/98?
A. 1. From the desktop, select and double click My Computer, Control panel, System. 
   2. Select and click the Device Manager tab.
   This dialog lists the devices being used by Windows.
        a. Click the + to the left of Ports (COM & LPT). This will display the list 
        of communication ports assigned to Windows.
        b. Click to highlight the communication port being used by the SmartSync software.
        c. Click the Properties button.

   The device status information area should say, "This device is working properly".
        d. Click the Resources tab.
   The conflicting resource list should say, "No conflicts".
   3. If all the above steps work as stated and the daVinci still does not synchronize, 
        check the BIOS setting and Windows configuration.
Q. Why doesn't someone write sync software that works?
A. Royal has not released the serial transfer handshaking protocols for pc to PDA communication.
Q. My question is not in here. Now what?
A. Hey, I couldn't get everything. Send me email.

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Last revised: August 02, 1999.