Computers content for the daVinci related software.

Text Reader Format  Size in KB Description
v0.61 18.6 AWK FAQ
v0.61 22.8 Architectural Principles of Uniform Resource Name Resolution RFC
v0.61 17.7 Assorted Win95 Tips 
v0.61 3.1 ASCII & Control Characters
v0.61 3.7 ASCII Code Table
v0.61 4.4 Cold Fusion 3.1 Functions Quick Reference List with Basic Syntax
v0.61 3.9 CGI Environmental Variables
v0.61 4.9 Cold Fusion Tag Reference
v0.61 11.1 Cascading Style Sheets Level 1 (CSS1) Recommendations 
v0.61 2.7 Disk Array RAID Information
v0.61 3.1 DOS Errors
v0.61 90.4 Ethernet How-To for Linux
v0.61 11.5 Ethernet Card Manufacturer MAC ID List
v0.61 2.8 Guide to RAID Disk (Hard Drive) Array Levels
v0.61 4.6 Handbook of Basic Linux Commands for Beginners
v0.61 3.1 How to Make and Crimp Category 5 RJ45 Cables
v0.61 37.2 HTML Reference
v0.61 5.9 HTML Color Codes and Tags 
v0.61 30.3 IPX How-To for Linux
v0.61 4.9 Intro to UNIX 
v0.61 2.6 IRQ Addresses and common descriptions
v0.61 3.3 IBM PC IRQ s and Diagnostics Codes
v0.61 2.7 Instructions for Rebuilding Your Win95 Registry
v0.61 4.1 Markup Language Tag Reference Database for Allaire s Cold Fusion 4.0
v0.61 3.0 Maxtor IDE HDD CMOS Parameters
v0.61 6.0 NT Workstation 4.0 Study Notes for Use with MCSE Exam #70-073
v0.61 11.5 NT NetMeeting Information
v0.61 4.5 Netware 3.12 Quick Reference
v0.61 24.9 Official Perl Quick Reference, by Johan Vromans 
v0.61 3.6 Perl Quick Reference
v0.61 2.8 Quake Cheat Codes
v0.61 43.3 RFC1945 Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.0
v0.61 17.0 Simple Network Time Protocol RFC 
v0.61 2.8 Unix Quick Reference - Common Commands
v0.61 2.7 VI (UNIX Text Editor) Quick Reference - Common Commands
v0.61 3.6 VI Command Reference
v0.61 10.0 Windows NT Disk Subsytems Info
v0.61 10.2 Windows NT ReadMe File
v0.61 10.5 Windows NT Remote Access Services (RAS) Info
v0.61 2.6 Wiring Instructions for RJ-45 Patch & Crossover Cables 
v0.61 4.4 Windows NT Server Security Checklist
v0.61 42.0 Well-Known IP Port Numbers
v0.61 4.8 Windows NT Security Checklist
v0.61 38.9 XML Specifications v1.0
v0.61 97.6 In the Beginning was the Command Line by Neal Stephenson


Miscellaneous content for the daVinci.

v0.61 11.8  Of Pirates & Ships - Interesting Facts on Pirates & Their Vessels 
v0.61 5.7 US Declaration of Independence
v0.61 14.7 US Constitution - Annotated Version
v0.61 8.8  US Bill of Rights and Amendments to the Constitution 
v0.61 3.7 US Bill of Rights
v0.61 14.0 Award-Winning Science Fiction Books (Hugo and Nebula thru 1998)
v0.61 11.6 Dictionary of Klingon Curses (Star Trek)
v0.61 5.8 Essential Guide to Star Wars - Episode I: The Phantom Menace 
v0.61 39.7 Movie Script to Monty Python's The Meaning of Life 
v0.61 33.7 Movie Script to Monty Python's The Life of Brian 
v0.61 24.3 Movie Script to Monty Python and the Holy Grail 
v0.61 5.4 Mystery Science Theatre 3000 (MST3K) Episode Guide
v0.61 14.3 Star Trek Mini-FAQ: Warp and Subspace 
v0.61 3.2 Star Trek Warp Speed Conversion Chart (mph, etc.)
v0.61 10.0 Star Trek Mini-FAQ: Holodeck and Computers 
v0.61 11.3 Star Trek Mini-FAQ: Transporter & Replicator 
v0.61 5.1 United Federation of Planets Directives (Star Trek)
v0.61 2.4 Morse Code 
v0.61 28.6 Glossary of Business Terms
v0.61 13.0 How to Start a Locksmith Business

 Title Author Size  Brief Description
Adventures of
Huckleberry Finn
Mark Twain  247 The sequel to Tom Sawyer. Twain's famous tale of Huck and Jim. 
Call of the Wild  Jack London  81 Buck, a house dog is taken to Alaska where he reverts to wild instincts. 
Candide  Voltaire  94  A satire of life and thought in the 1700s. 
Frankenstein Mary Shelley  197 The famous story of Victor Frankenstein and his monstor. 
I Will Fight No More Forever  Chief Joseph
of the Nez Perce 
3 Surrender Speech given by Chief Joseph upon the defeat and capture of his tribe in by Colonel Nelson A. Miles. "I am tired of fighting. / Our chiefs are killed... " 
Man and Superman George Bernard Shaw  223 Shaw's famous comedy about the pursuit of men by women. Included is the famous "Don Juan in Hell" scene, and the "Revolutionist's Handbook." 
Peter Pan  James M. Barrie  114  The classic children's of the Darling children and their adventures with Peter Pan, the boy who never grows up. 
The Road Not Taken  Robert Frost  3 One of his best-known poems. At a fork in a road the poet describes why he "took the one less traveled by." Opening line: "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, ..." 
Romeo and Juliet  William Shakespeare  68  One of the Bard's most popular plays. A romantic tragedy about the passionate love affair between Romeo and Juliet whose families, the Montagues and Capulets, are feuding. 
Rumplestiltskin Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm  4.05 Famous tale of a miller's daugher who spins straw into gold and a little man who saves her, but at the price of her first-born child. 
The Time Machine  H. G. Wells  82 This popular science fiction story was Wells' first novel. The inventor of a time machine travels to the year 802,701 and witnesses the evolutionary degeneration of humankind. 
Tom Sawyer Mark Twain  181 First of four adventures of Tom and his friend Huckleberry Finn who try to stay out of trouble. 
Venus Annodomini  Rudyard Kipling  6  From "Plain Tales from the Hills," a collection of stories of life in India. A young man falls in love with a woman, the later finds out that she was an old flame of his father's youth. 
Venus and Adonis William Shakespeare  28 A long narrative poem of Adonis' rejection of Venus, goddess of love. 
The War of the Worlds  H. G. Wells  154 This well-known science fiction novel about a Martian invasion of England caused widespread panic in the U.S. when Orson Welles' did a radio dramatization of this story in 1938. 
The Wizard of Oz  L. Frank Baum  87 Baum's famous story of Dorothy, a young girl from Kansas, who is carried off by a tornado to the wonderful and enchanting land of Oz. 
X-ing the Paragrab Edgar Allan Poe  8 Touch-and-go Bullet-head moves west to Alexander-the-Great-O-nopolis and competes with John Smith the newspaper editor. 
Youth and Old Age   Aristotle  24.4  Aristotle's treatise on life, death, and aging.