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Warning: Please backup all daVinci data before use of any or all programs found on this web site. Jesusshaves or the original authors of any of these programs will be NOT be held responsible for any damage to data or programs on either your PC or daVinci.

The daVinciapplications.

for the older daVinci models (serial# 98R*** and 99R***)
Name Ver Source Code Author Description
AcesUp 1.11 Source Gabriele Ponti AcesUp is a card game. The object of the game is to eliminate all the cards until only aces remain.
CalcPlus 0.2 N/A Adam Siegel CalcPlus is basically a more robust calculator with trig functions.
Calculate 1.0 Source Gabriele Ponti The object of the game is to move all of the cards to the foundation in a progressive order regardless of suit. For the first foundation the following card must be +1 of the current, for the second foundation +2 of the current and so on. For example, the cards that goes in the third foundation are: 3, 6, 9, Q, 2, 5, 8, J, 1, 4, 7, 10 and K. The game is complete when all the cards are moved to the foundation.
Clock 1.2 N/A Neal Bridges Analog clock for your daVinci.
dbtest 1.0 Source Robert Crago Sample daVinci database programs.
Doubling 1.1 Source Gabriele Ponti The object of the game is to move all the cards to the center in a doubling sequence regardless of suit. The card sequence is A, 2, 4, 8, 3, 6, Q, J, 9, 5, 10, 7 and then it restart from A. Kings are not used and serve as a block, reducing the number of cards available. There are three re-deals available to complete the game.
dv ASCII 1.0 N/A Rich Dassau The dvASCII application is an ASCII Table reference.
dvataxx 0.3 Source Eric Marschner A game of Ataxx.
dvbook 1.01 Source Lars Krueger A text reader that can store text in flash, download the text via the reader itself, compress the text by ca. 2:1, and flip pages in a book like manner. MRW30.DLL is included. Works only on 2MB daVinci units (with an OS from the CD installed). dvBook is licensed under GNU Public license, so you can get the source code and modify it. For more details take a look at the file LICENSE in the source distribution. Changes in this version: fixed crash if more than 8 files in daVinci, and added command line handling for almost automatic use.
dvbowl 0.2 N/A Eric Marschner dvBowl is a bowling score calculator. This application keeps score for up-to 5 bowlers in the game of 10-pin bowling.
dvbreakout 1.0 Source v0.6 Michael Hartmann and Eric Marschner dvbreakout is a clone of the traditional Breakout.
dvChrono 1.2 N/A Francois Auradon The dvChrono application is a precision chronograph with 3 operating modes: Chronograph, Timer & Split. This application is distributed as shareware (see dvchrono.txt for details).
dvConverter 1.4 N/A Francois Auradon The dvConverter application is a general purpose conversion program. It offers 4 built-in conversion types and one custom conversion. This application is distributed as shareware.The floating point problem is now fixed!
dvdart 2.0 Source Bill Nadvornik dvdart is a dart scoring program for cricket.
N/A - dvHello 1.0 Source N/A A simple 'Hello World' application.
dvHexCalc 1.1 N/A Rich Dassau >Hexadecimal Calculator for the daVinci.
dvlines 0.3 Source Eric Marschner The 'Color Lines' game for the Royal DaVinci PDA.
dvMemory 1.0 N/A Andres Panilla Memory game. Test your memory by finding and matching icons / pictures.
dvMine 1.2 N/A "Millenium Edition"
dvMyPhotos 1.0 Source Astra This is v1.0 of dvMyPhotos, a digital wallet photo album for the royal davinci pda. This version is provided "as is" and is only useful as an exercise/example.
dvNetto 0.91 N/A  Rene Lapurn DvNetto calculates the monthly wages (net wages) for people employed in Germany.
dv Password Keeper 0.3 N/A Eric Marschner The daVinci Password Keeper is designed to keep track of your passwords.
dvpoker 1.0 N/A Eric Marschner A poker game.
dvPong 0.1 N/A William P. Y. Wong How about a game of Pong?
dvPromille 1.0 N/A Rene Lapurn dvPromille calculates the maximum blood-alcohol-concentration (BAC) after entering some data. The results are based on the methods of Widmark and Watson.
dvPsalms 0.02 N/A David V. Porco dvPsalms are Old Testament (Bible) Psalms compiled into daVinci applications (.APP). Current Psalms include: 1-10, 22, 23, 122, 139
dvroller 1.3 Source Bill Nadvornik A game to demonstrate rolling dice on the daVinci.
dvscore 2.0 Source Bill Nadvornik A daVinci application to score a game of golf. Now supports 4 players.
dvslide 1.0 Source Bill Nadvornik dvSlide is a slide show program. It shows pictures of characters from Sherman's Lagoon.
dvSlots 0.2 N/A Eric Marschner New casino game - daVinci Lucky 7 Slots.
N/A - dvTemp 1.0 Source Bill Nadvornik Bill Nadvornik modified some Palm code for the daVinci.
dvTip 0.4 N/A Eric Marschner It enables you to enter an amount (for a meal) and some percent to tip the server.
dvTris 0.2 N/A Sinister X An excellent clone of the Tetris game.
dvTTT 1.0 N/A William P. Y. Wong How about a game of Tic Tac Toe?
dvVexed 0.3 Source Eric Marschner Vexed for the daVinci! This is a "port" from the Palm Pilot version by James McCombe. There are 60 levels.
dvVoodu 2.0 Source Bill Nadvornik Just in time for Halloween. Torment your foes with your daVinci
dvwwatch 0.2 N/A Tobias Lochner dvWorldWatch lets you choose from several cities from around the world.
dvExamples 1.0 Source Brian Conrad Some examples of a combo box, popup menu and a toolbox.
ERead 0.11 N/A Rafael Baptista This is demo of a text reader that Rafael Baptista is working on. This program is not complete and some of the windows will crash the dV if you try to use them. Rafael's ERead stores the text in a compressed format.
Graff-it 0.1 N/A OeK daVinci script hand writing practice software.
GreyScale 0.2 Source Michael Hartmann This is Michael's first try to bring 2bpp-Graphics to work on the DaVinci.
Hellow 0.1 Source Joan Ilari A basic application that display the 'Hello World' line.
Invaders 1.0 Source Frank Somers & Denis Hennessy The old game of Invaders brought back to life.
Invert 1.0 N/A Neal Bridges An daVinci application to invert your davinci screen colors. Works with any application.
jjMine 1.0 Source Mario Pacchiarotti The Windows Mine game implemented on the daVinci.
jjMine Expert mode 1.1 Source Mario Pacchiarotti and Eyal Teler The Windows Mine game implemented on the daVinci. Eyal Teler has enhanced the original version. Grid size is 22 x 20.
jjPoker 1.0 Source Mario Pacchiarotti The game of poker is now available on the daVinci.
N/A - JJText 1.0 Source Mario Pacchiarotti This is a little text example.
Julian Date 0.1 Source Angel Caparros Julian is a simple program that calculates the Universal Time, Local Sideral Time, GreenWich Sideral time and Julian Day.
Jyotish To Go 0.19 N/A Brian Conrad Jyotish To Go for the daVinci is a great tool for astrologers on the go who don't want to spend a lot of money on a PDA they will only use for astrology. Until September 15th, 1999 you can try the fully functional Jyotish To Go demo for free!
Magic 8 Ball 0.1 N/A Eric Marschner Magic 8 ball will help you make many great decisions.
Mandel 1.0 N/A Henrik Solgaard A little application that displays the Mandelbrot fractal.
Memory Peek 1.0 Source Henrik Solgaard Sample program to explore daVinci memory.
Note Upload 0.1 N/A Eyal Teler Note Upload allows uploading notes from the daVinci, and storing them as BMP files on the PC.


dv OS Update 1.1 N/A Royal A daVinci OS update - only for some of the original 256KB daVinci PDAs.
dv OS Update 1.2 N/A Royal The new 256k daVinci OS has multi-language support, and a repeat event button in the planner. Use the instructions and support files from dv OS Update v1.1 and substitute this new bin file Rp100_v2b.bin in place of Ez2910.bin .
2MB davinci OS Update 1.0a N/A Royal The 2MB daVinci OS (contained on the CD) has multi-language support, Expense Manager and a repeat event button in the planner.
Photo 0.1 N/A Jesus Arias Here's a demo of how the daVinci supports a 16 level grey scale.
PocketChess 1.0 N/A Scott Ludwig An excellent chess game for the daVinci.
PutPhoto 0.1 Included Eyal Teler PutPhoto is a small Java class that puts a 16 level grey scale BMP of your choice inside Jesus Arias's picture display application.
Puzzle 1.0 Source Royal The first game for the daVinci.
Pyramid 1.1 Source Gabriele Ponti Pyramid is a card game. The game of Pyramid consists of pairing two cards together whose sum is equal to 13.
Read text 0.1 N/A Joan Ilari A program intended to allow downloading and reading LARGE texts on a daVinci. Doesn't work on 2MB daVinci!
Scratch 1.0 Source Henrik Solgaard More sample code.
Scratch2 1.0 Source Henrik Solgaard More sample code #2.
Snake 1.0 N/A Fly Mario This is a simple game where you are controlling a snake to eat bugs.
Solitaire 1.0 Source Michael Shannon The classic card game of Solitaire.
StopWatch 1.0 Source Carpman Stopwatch is self-explanatory (hopefully!). 
Suck-O-Meter 1.0 N/A N/A The best application ever written to help you to determine what works and what doesn't.
Tap Demo 0.1 Source Joan Ilari An application to show how the daVicni input elements can be polled.
TextReader 0.44 N/A Eyal Teler For daVinci 256KB models: TextReader allows downloading of long text files to the daVinci and the ability to view them.


TextReader 0.62 N/A Eyal Teler For daVinci 2MB models: This version includes compression of the text file. TextReader allows downloading of long text files to the daVinci and the ability to view them.


TextReader Preview 0.58 N/A Eyal Teler For daVinci 2MB models: This Preview version includes compression of the text file. TextReader allows downloading of long text files to the daVinci and the ability to view them. Now supports 9999 pages of text.


Whack-A-Mole 0.9 N/A Mark Tillotson Whack-A-Mole is a great kids game. It now supports the 2MB daVinci.
Who What 1.1 N/A Some-One  WhoWhat is a librarian type program. WhoWhat will track audio tapes, books, CDs, DVDs, video tapes, etc... that you have lent or borrowed. WhoWhat includes both a PC application and a daVinci application. 
Visual Basic v5 Runtime Library (unzip & copy it to your system directory) 
MS Jet Engine Database - This should have been installed with the PIM for daVinci. 
Yahtzee 1.1 Source Michael Shannon Anyone for a game of Yahtzee.
ZPic N/A Creative Information Solutions Greyscale Image Viewer. Allows downloading and viewing of 4 bit (16 grey levels) pictures on a 2MB daVinci.
Here's some pre-packaged files:
Zpic Samples and Zpic Golf's swing samples

1. 2MB daVinci 
2. daVinci OS v1.0a (from the daVinci installation CD) 
3. Communications program on PC supporting serial file transfers (HyperTerminal) 


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