Ducati Maintenance Software

I would like it to be affordable, relatively simple to use for what I need it for and to run on either my garage computer (linux) or an adroid handheld device.

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My Solution


The ECU is located underneath the battery on the left side of the bike and usually has a sticker on it (w/ a barcode) indicating which ECU it is. In many case there is another sticker placed over this one that can be peeled off. The 848 Evo usually has a Magnetti Marelli 5AM ECU.

Here is the text from my ECU sticker [PIC]:

IAW.5AM.GE BC.0098058.A SA0PD004 (USA)
1098 08 ECU DUCATI055

Ducati ECU ODB Technical Specification's

Physical Connection Fiat/Lancia/Alfa EOBD adaptor ($9.95) lead (must have the +ve and -ve battery connection leads), see connection diagram at below. Koolertron F-12 ELM 327 OBDII bluetooth OBDII adapter ($10.20)
StandardKWP2000, ISO 14230-4
Startup sequence auto-reply to the ECU on power up a certain ISO hex code (55 B0 80 80 80 85) at a specific timing interval

Scan M5x Tools

Scan M5x Monitor
Pression ->Pressure
Scan M5x Tools
Compte tours ->Tachometer
Test Pompe Essence ->Test Fuel Pump
Bobine Verticale/Horizontale->Vertical/Horizontal Coil
Injecteur 1/2 ->Injector 1/2
Ventilateur M59/M5A->Blower M59/M5A
scantwin's collection of free Scan M5X android applications, combined the Fiat/Lancia/Alfa EOBD adaptor and the Koolertron F-12 ELM 327 OBDII OBDII adapter coonected effortlessly to my Ducati over bluetooth. The authors native language is French and occasionally button labels are not as clear as I would like but, it's not really an issue.

OBDII Data Links

There's a few data points in Scan M5x Monitor that I'm unclear as to their meaning:

Scan M5x Monitor
Pressure 1010Intake? MAP? Exhaust? Fuel? Probably Fuel (kPa) or MAP (grams/sec)
Air 21Ambient/Intake/Exhaust Temp?(C) Air Fuel Ratio? Flow Rate? Probably ambient/intake in C (21C=70F)
Motor 17Load %?
Injection3.356Pressure? Timing?

Adapter Wiring

Plug the Fiat 3-Pin to OBDII Adapter into the loose connector below the ECU, connect the battery leads to the motorcycle's battery, plug the bluetooth OBDII adapter into the loose end of the Fiat adapter and fire up your diagnostic application

DucatiDiag had diagrams to double check the fiat adapter wiring using the Fiat 3-Pin to OBDII Adapter that are reproduced below.
Note: the pin outs are reversed on the OBDII picture if checking continuity with a meter on the cable itself. Diagram #2 was correct for my Fiat adapter.

Ducatidiag wiring diagram (#1)
Below an alternative to the interfaces where pin 4 and pin 5 are separated. (#2)